Friday, July 2, 2010

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Head-tilting question of last week: why tell the story of individual workers?

Is this not a vain attempt to seek affirmation for dedicating 50% of waking hours to mundane/excruciating work while eliminating hope to someday model pristine fingernails and focus attention inside four walls ever again?


Not exactly.

If we know each other better and are prompted to think in terms of human livelihood, will the value we place on food be reflected in our assessment and investment in farming's interwoven component parts?

via Wendell Berry, agriculture's exchange with agri-industry

culture > industrial economy
land > resources
work > labor/management
people > consumers
community > government

hence, H A N D E D >

to eaters - from field to the table

from workers - economically/culturally displaced, willing, idealistic, sore

through generations - soil, bugs, families, environmental stewards, politicians

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