Wednesday, March 2, 2011

what your heart hears

a template of tenderness retold in the sunny kitchen today while I flounder in attempts to persuade mr. wood to sell his truck to someone who could use it (me).

mrs. wood: your father and I shared a moment on the drive home yesterday

ms. wood: oh, really?

mrs. wood: he looked at me, we were riding in the truck sharing silence for some time. "Theresa," he said. At this point I open my heart, knowing he would say he loved me in those waiting words

ms. wood: {internal smile at the ways of this wisened twosome}

mrs. wood: "Theresa, " he said to me. "I really love this truck."

1 comment:

  1. One thing becomes clear: men and their vehicles have a special "pal" bond; it's kind of like women and their pets. Men bond to metal, women to pets who remain children all of their lives; needy and cuddly ...until the grandchildren come. Then they are suddenly on the same page!